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About Halyk Group

The Financial Group «Halyk Group» is a universal regional financial services group, which offers a wide range of services (banking, pensions, insurance, leasing, brokerage and asset management) in retail, corporate and SME sectors.

Operating in all segments of the financial market Halyk Group is aimed at the balanced growth in all sectors.

Subsidiaries of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan- participants of Halyk Group:

JSC «Halyk-Kazakhinstrakh» (insurance)

JSC «Subsidiary insurance company of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan «Halyk — Kazakhinstrakh» (JSC «Kazakhinstrakh») is a successful Kazakhstani insurance company which is a part of financial Halyk Group and confidently taking leading positions among more than forty companies at the domestic market of insurance services.

Our company has a long-term work experience and it actively uses it in interests of our clients, offering a wide choice of insurance products and services. JSC «Kazakhinstrakh» is focused on constant maintenance of its success and new peaks, therefore we are never satisfied with what has already been achieved and we are always striving to higher standards of qualitative service. We are attentive to expectations and interests of our customers.

Year of foundation: 1995
Branch network: 17 branches, 191 agency points

Licenses: License No.11–12/1 for the right to perform insurance (reinsurance) activities on the branch «general insurance», issued on 21 August 2008 by the Agency of RK on regulation and supervision of financial market and financial organizations


  • medal «For High Quality in Business Practice»: the Seventh International Forum «High Quality in Business», Geneva, 2005;
  •  «Insurance company No.1 of 2008 in Kazakhstan»: Festival «Choice of the Year in Kazakhstan», Kazakhstan, 2008;
  • «Best insurer in Kazakhstan»: the company is recognized by European analytical magazine «Euromoney», April, 2009

For the 15-year-old period, JSC «Kazakhinstrakh» has become the reliable and irreplaceable partner for a great number of clients, where there are individuals and legal entities.

JSC «Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan «Halyk Finance» (Investment Banking)

JSC «Halyk Finance» («Halyk Finance») is the investment banking arm of Halyk Group which renders a full range of investment banking services including consulting and underwriting, sales and trading (including brokerage and investment portfolio management), M&A advisory and research. Our strong analytical department provides regular in-depth analytical coverage of our Clients’ businesses which helps maintain and improve liquidity of their securities after the placement. Halyk Finance team fully adheres to business and confidentiality ethics and is committed to build long-term relationships with our Clients.

Halyk Finance was founded in 2004 and is a professional member of the securities market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, licensed to conduct (1) broker-dealer activities with a nominal holder right and (2) investment portfolio management services. The company is a member of JSC «Kazakhstan Stock Exchange» (the «KASE») in «K», «P» and «Н» categories with a right to trade state and non-state securities listed on the KASE; non-state securities in the «Non-listed securities» sector and state-owned equity stakes in companies undergoing privatization process.

Ideas are the engine of your business, and Halyk Finance team possessed comprehensive international experience, thorough qualifications and valuable contacts in the international and Kazakhstani capital markets to successfully execute your business ideas including mergers and acquisitions.

During our due diligence of the Client’s business, our team utilizes advanced methods of financial analysis and real time information databases. Halyk Finance can help you develop an optimal financing structure with attraction of international funding to maximize your enterprise value. We are focused on the following sectors: oil and gas, mining, financials, retail, telecom, construction materials/services and real estate.

In addition to the aforementioned, we provide the following services as well:

  • in-depth analysis of the Client’s company and Client representations
  • debt restructuring
  • attraction of strategic investor or partner
  • tax optimization and
  • hedging and application of derivative products.

«Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP (cash collection services)

«Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan «Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP renders services related to collection of banknotes, coins and valuables to all interested persons (legal entities and individuals) all over territory of the country.

Activity of «Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP is licensed by National Bank of RK (license No.7 of National Bank of RK dated 9 February 2007). Collection of banknotes, coins and valuables is the single type of LLP activities.

«Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP represents an entity of large business where staff number of employees makes 735 persons. Assets of «Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP reached the level of KZT 1 640 million, equity as of 01.06.2010 made KZT 1054.5 million, and authorized capital — KZT 500 million.

«Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP includes Head office, which is based in Almaty, Division of flight collection, Division of city collection, 17 branches and 26 departments, which presently render services of collection to customers in all oblast, large and small cities, as well as in regional centers all over territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The material and technical base of «Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP complies with up-to-date requirements (communications facilities, weapon, ammunition (helmets, bulletproof vests) etc.). Transportation of valuables is carried out by special vehicles (armoured cars). During its activity in Bank since 1995, and since July 2005 as an independent organization, the collection service stored long-term experience of collection activities. It earned great reputation and confidence of clients.

As of 01.06.2010 737 clients in all regions of the country used services of «Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP on a permanent basis, except for the branch network of JSC «Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan».
Collection operations made by «Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP are insured in the insurance company JSC Kazakhinstrakh. Choosing «Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP, you choose reliability and professionalism. Successes of our customers are our successes.

Basic priorities of «Halyk Inkassatsiya» LLP in work with clients:

  • provision of collection services of high quality in all regions of the country;
  • guarantee of full confidentiality and individual approach to each Client;
  • long-term and mutually advantageous partnership relations with clients.

JSC «Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan «Halyk Leasing» (Leasing)

JSC «Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan «Halyk-Leasing» is one of the first Kazakhstani leasing companies.

Cooperating with «Halyk-Leasing», your company has opportunity to use advantages of leasing:

  • start a large project, without having significant financial resources;
  • receive more production capacity than when purchasing the same equipment;
  • coordinate expenses and receipts from sale production, providing thereby big stability of financial plans than at usual purchase of equipment;
  • at leasing as security of refund of funds there can act the subject of leasing itself which is the property of lessor, in this connection it is easier sometimes to conclude leasing contract than to obtain a credit for equipment acquisition.
«Halyk-Leasing» has agreements on cooperation with the largest suppliers of qualitative equipment, manufacturers and trading houses of developed countries, including IMER group, Chrysler, MAN, Wirtgen, Volvo. Favourable agreements on granting of payment by installments are reached with some of these suppliers, variants are developed and schemes on international leasing operate that, in turn, allows to reduce interest rate on leasing, to receive benefits on payment of customs payments.

JSC «Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan «Halyk-Life» (life insurance)

JSC «Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan Life Insurance Company «Halyk-Life» is registered with Department of Justice of Almaty on 17 November 2005.
In accordance with License 2.1.41 dated 10.07.2009, JSC «Halyk-Life» performs insurance (reinsurance) activity on the following classes of insurance:

  • life insurance;
  • annuity insurance;
  •   insurance to occurrence of certain event;
  •   life insurance with participation of the insured party in the investment income of the insurer;
  •   accident insurance;
  •   health insurance.

OJSC «NBK-Bank» (banking)

OJSC «NBK-Bank» was founded in 1996 in the form of open joint-stock company named OJSC AKB «Khlebny». The priority direction of activity is performance of lending of real sector of economy and population. There has been chosen a model of the modern universal bank rendering main types of bank services to private and corporate clients.

In 2004 JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan was a part of shareholders of the bank, whereupon the bank received new possibilities for development and was renamed into OJSC «NBK-Bank». Presently OJSC «NBK-Bank» is a subsidiary of JSC «Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan» and it actively contributes to economic integration of the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan. Its main objective is to be dynamically developing, competitive financial institution delivering highly effective products and services.

OJSC «Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan» (Banking);

Open joint-stock company «Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan» was founded after acquisition of 100 percent of shares of OJSC «Kairat Bank», and one of leaders of the bank market of the Republic of Kazakhstan where JSC «Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan» operates (Certificate on state re-registration of the legal entity No.076929 series ГПР dated 23 December 2004).

OJSC «Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan» holds the license for provision of services related to deposits, lending, carrying out of currency transactions and operations with securities. It is a successful Bank in the sphere of rendering bank (financial) services to population, organizations and enterprises, governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The bank holds the license of National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic for carrying out of bank operations in national and foreign currencies.

By type of activity, OJSC «Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan» has the status of universal bank and performs its activity on the basis of bank licenses No. 044 and No. 044/1. There have been established correspondent relations with the largest banks of Germany, the USA, Russia and Kazakhstan in order to serve bank’s clients in interstate settlements.

OJSC «Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan» is the first commercial bank in the Kyrgyz Republic, which has become a member of S.W.I.F.T. community.

  • JSC Kazteleport (Telecommunications);
  • JSC Halyk Capital (Broker and dealer activities, participant of the Regional financial center, Almaty);
  • HSBK (Europe) BV (Issue and placement of Eurobonds).
  • JSC Halyk Bank Georgia (Banking).

JSC «Altyn Bank» (subsidiary bank of JSC “Halyk Bank”)

Joint Stock Company “Altyn Bank” (subsidiary bank of JSC “Halyk Bank”) – state reregistration certificate of the legal entity, 

BIN no. 980740000057, dated 27.11.2014.

Joint Stock Company “Altyn Bank” (subsidiary bank of JSC “Halyk Bank”) has a banking license no. 249 dated 24.12.2007.

The sole owner of JSC “Altyn Bank” is JSC “Halyk Bank” (100% share)

JSC “Altyn Bank” is a universal bank which offers a wide range of services both to retail customers and corporate clients. The main segments of JSC “Altyn Bank” are corporate banking, services for individuals and treasury activities. 

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